Article 1. Purpose of Use
1. The Sejong Institute (the “Institute”) values individual privacy, and is doing our best for our members to use services provided by the Institute under protection at all times. The Institute informs you of how the personal information you provide us is used, and of measures for personal information protection.
2. The Institute notifies its privacy policy on the initial page and at the bottom of the Institute website for users to get easy access.
3. In case of any revisions related to privacy policy, the Institute will make revisions to it and post announcement on the website or via e-mail.

Article 2. Table of Contents
The privacy policy of the Institute contains the following contents:
1. Collection of personal information
2. Use of personal information
3. Duration of retention and use of personal information
4. Provision and sharing of personal information
5. Management of personal information
6. Outsourcing of processing of collected personal information
7. Rights and execution of users and legal representative
8. Establishment, management, and rejection of automatic collection of personal information