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Cheong Seong-Chang
Department : Department of Unification Strategy Studies
Contact : 031-750-7542
Position : Vice President of Research Planning
E-Mail : softpower@sejong.org

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Degree and Work Experience

Cheong Seong-Chang received his doctoral degree in North Korean politics at l'Université de Paris X in 1996.


Dr. Cheong is a member of the Ministry of Unification’s Policy Advisory Committee. He has also served on the policy advisory committees of the Ministry of National Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was an advisor on inter-Korean cooperation for the Presidential Committee on Northeast Asian Cooperation Initiative. He was the chair of the North Korea unification studies subcommittee of the Korean Political Science Association, the chair of the politics and military subcommittee of the Korean Association of North Korean Studies, and as editorial writer for the Maeil Business News.


Dr. Cheong is the author of Idéologie et système en Corée du Nord: De Kim Il-Song à Kim Chong-Il(1997) and Contemporary North Korean Politics: History, Ideology and Power System(2011). He has co-authored numerous books and theses on North Korean politics, military, and unification issues.

Interests and Expertise

Dr. Cheong has been focusing his research on North Korean politics and military, Kim Jong-un’s leadership and North Korea’s power elite, North Korean nuclear program, and unification strategies.

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