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Research Fellows

Jong-seok Lee
Department : Department of Unification Strategy Studies
Contact : 031-750-7533
Position : Senior Research Fellow
E-Mail : leejong@sejong.org

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Degree and Work Experience

Ph.D. Political Science, Sungkyunkwan University

Former Deputy secretary of National Security Council
Former Minister of Unification 
Standing Chairman of the National Security Council.



A Discourse on Korean Unification (2012, Korean)


North Korea- China Relations: 19452000(It was published 2000 in Korean. Later in 2005, it was published in Bejing in Chinese.)


Understanding of Contemporary North Korea(2000, Korean)


The study of Unification in a Divided Period(1998, Korean)


A Study on the Workers' Party of Korea(1995, Korea)

Interests and Expertise

North Korea and Inter-Korean Relations
North Korea-China Relations
Korea's Diplomatic and Security Objectives

List of Publications