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CHUNG Jae-hung
Department : Department of Security Strategy Studies
Contact : 031-750-7565
Position : Research Fellow
E-Mail : jameschung@sejong.org

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Degree and Work Experience

Jae-Hung Chung is the Research Fellow(Department of Security Strategy Studies) of the Sejong institute in korea. He received B.A from Peking University in China (Beijing), MA in Sogang University in Korea(Seoul), and Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Social Science in China(Beijing).

He was a Assistant professor of Kyungnam University(2013-2015), the Institute of Far Eastern Studies (IFES) Analysis(2007-2013) and policy advisor Ministry of National Defense and NIS. He has served as Consulate General of the Republic of Korea Guangzhou in China, Senior Researcher(2010-2012). 






His recent publication include: 2018 East Asian Strategic Review (2018. co-authored), Emergence and Influence of 'Strongmen': ROK's Four Neighboring Powers (2018. co-authored), THAAD Deployment and ROK-China Relations (2017. co-authored), South Korean and Chinese Junior Scholars’ View of the Security Issues on the Korean Peninsula (2016. co-authored), North East Asia security situation and the Korean Peninsula (2015. co-authored), South Korea-India Security Strategic Cooperation (2014. co-authored) and more.

His Research paper and writings include:  "Considering THAAD, KAMD and Kill Chain as ROK’s Military Countermeasures against North Korean Nuclear Missile Threat(2017)" "Considering Deployment of THAAD and Sino-South Korea Security Relation, Over the Deployment of THAAD at China’s Response and Prospects(2017)" "The Security Benefits and the Necessity THAAD Deployment, China’s Perception of the THAAD Deployment and Response Strategy for South Korea(2017)" "North Korea’s Fifth Nuclear Test and ROK-China security Dilemma: Deployment of THAAD issue,(2017)" "Considering THAAD,KAMD and Kill Chain as ROK's Military Countermeasures against North Korean Nuclear Missile Threat(2016)" "The U.S-China Realations in the Era of Trump: Saga of THAAD deployment,(2016)" " The Issues over THAAD Deployment: Outlook and Response after the Introduction of the New Administration(2016)," "An Analysis of China's Position and Perepective on the Security Isuue(THHAD, North Korea Nuclear and ICBM) of the Korean Peninsula through a Field Study in Beijing(2016), "Recent China's Islamic Terror: Trend and Policy Considerations(2015)",A Look on China's Offensive Naval Power Build Up and the South China Sea Dispute(2014) and more.


Interests and Expertise



Main research interests include Chinese Security (Defense) and Chinese Nontraditional Security(Terrorism), Sino-North Korea (Sino-South Korea) Security(Defense) relations, Northeast Asian and Korean Peninsula Security(Defense) issue.



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