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Research Fellows

Soung Chul KIM
Department : Department of Diplomatic Strategy Studies
Contact : 031-750-7581
Position : Senior Research Fellow
E-Mail : soung@sejong.org

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Degree and Work Experience


Ph.D. Political Science, Stanford University
B.L. Law, Seoul National University
Visiting Fellow, Tokyo University
Policy Advisor to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Adjunct Professor, Sogang University
Japanese Diplomacy and International Relations in East Asia (2015)
Japanese Diplomacy and Northeast Asia (2007)

Korean Unification and Northeast Asian Diplomacy (2017, ed.)
Diplomatic Environment and the Korean Peninsula (2009, ed.)
Korea’s National Strategy 2020: Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia (2005, ed.) 
The US-China-Japan Relations and Northeast Asian Order (2003, ed.)
Diplomacy of the U.S.-Japan Alliance (2001, ed.) 
"The Conflicts and Cooperation in the Korea-China-Japan Relations" (2013) 
"The Political Economy of the China-Japan Relations” (2011)

Interests and Expertise

US-Japan-China Relations
Korea-China-Japan Relations
Diplomacy of Energy Resources 
Six Party Talks 
International Environment for the Korean Unification
Interrelations between Security and Economy

List of Publications