About Sejong




With the support of national leaders in politics and business, the Sejong Institute was founded in the aftermath of the “Rangoon Incident” in December 1983. The founders believed that the pain and ordeal of the Korean people are derived from the division of the country and shared the desire to establish a specialized research organization to expedite peaceful national unification. This vision was realized with the inaugural meeting in November 1983.

The foundation started official function in July 1984, began scholarship grants in 1985 and initiated research activity in January 1986. The institute has been providing financial support for the bereaved families of the Rangoon victims since 1988.

Purpose of Establishment

Under Article 1 of the Articles of Association, the Sejong Institute works for the purpose of contributing to national development through research activities and education and training programs on national security, inter-Korean unification, and international relations.

Article 1 of the Articles of Association

  • Research support for national security, unification, and international relations
  • Educational & training program for cultivating competent people
  • Establishment & management of the institute, education, and training facilities for purpose-driven projects
  • Consignment of purpose-driven projects
  • Additional corporation facilities for arranging financial resources toward goal achievement

Basis of Establishment

Act on the Establishment and Operation of Public-Service Corporations (Act No.2814, Dec. 31, 1975)


The Sejong Institute works for Korea’s and the world’s peace and prosperity and Korean unification through research and policy activities and education and training programs. It does so by providing innovative policy ideas and strategies for peace and prosperity for Korea and the world and practical policy options for inter-Korean relations.