National Strategy
National Strategy, a National Research Foundation of Korea registered publication,is a quarterly periodical which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and opinions, and contribute to national strategy development.

National Strategy

National Strategy 25-1 (Spring)
2019.03.08  Friday
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Eul-Chul Lim, Jeong-Kyung Seo, Dong-Wook Won, Eun-il Cho, Seong-Whun Cheon, Young-Se Mun


1. Analysis of Economic Development Strategy and Demand for Capacity Development of the North Korean Regime - Eul-Chul Lim

2. Xi Jinping Government’s Major Power Diplomacy and U.S.-China Trade Dispute - Jeong-Kyung Seo, Dong-Wook Won

3. A Case Study Research of U.S. Missile Defense System from Bush to Trump Administration - Eun-il Cho

4. Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: National Strategy of North Korea versus Diplomacy of South Korea and the United States - Seong-Whun Cheon

5. A Study on the Measurement and Influence Factors of Government Trust - Young-Se Mun