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National Strategy, a National Research Foundation of Korea registered publication,is a quarterly periodical which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and opinions, and contribute to national strategy development.

National Strategy

National Strategy 24-4 (Winter)
2018.12.03  Monday
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Woojin Moon, Jae Duk Choi, Kwanhaeng Cho, Jiil Kim​, Chang Jae Baik

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A Game Theoretical Analysis of the South-North Korea Relationship in the Peace Seeking System: The Effects of Complementary Reward and Punishment and Uncertainty on Denuclearization of North Korea Deepening of US-China Nuclear Security Dilemma in the 21st Century: View from Robert Jervis’ Nuclear Deterrence and Security Dilemma - Woojin Moon

2. Strengthening the Initiative of the South and North Korea in Process of Establishing a Peace System on the Korean Peninsula: Focusing on Geo-Economic Approach - Jae Duk Choi

3. Why did the Carter Administration revise the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Korea? - Kwanhaeng Cho

4. The New Missile Guideline Amendment: A Case Study​ - Jiil Kim

5. Presidential Power and Presidential Leadership in the U.S.​ - Chang Jae Baik