National Strategy
National Strategy, a National Research Foundation of Korea registered publication,is a quarterly periodical which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and opinions, and contribute to national strategy development.

National Strategy

National Strategy 24-2 (Summer)
2018.06.01  Friday
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Seong-Ho Sheen, Sang Hyun Lee, Byung Sun Baek, Min Hyoung Park・Kang Yoon Kim, etc.

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Table of Contents

1. Deepening of US-China Nuclear Security Dilemma in the 21st Century: View from Robert Jervis’ Nuclear Deterrence and Security Dilemma - Seong-Ho Sheen

2. Trump Administration’s National Security Strategy: Security Implications for Global Affairs and the Korean Peninsula - Sang Hyun Lee

3. The Prospects of East Asia Dynamics in the Era of Power Competition and Korea’s Response: Focusing on the requirement for Strength in the Era of Power Competition - Byung Sun Baek

4. Expanding the Concept of Military Strategy Toward North Korea: Focusing on the Exhaustion Strategy - Min Hyoung Park・Kang Yoon Kim

5. An Empirical Analysis of Determinants of South Korea’s KSP Policy Consultation Program - Jae-Uk Ryu・Geon-Woo Park・Heon Joo Jung

6. The International Political Economy of Fintech(金融科技): Rivalry Between the United States and China - Wang Hwi Lee