National Strategy
National Strategy, a National Research Foundation of Korea registered publication,is a quarterly periodical which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and opinions, and contribute to national strategy development.

National Strategy

National Strategy 23-2 (Summer)
2017.06.02  Friday
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Sung Hoon Lee, Jun-Hyuk Park, Hwee Rhak Park, Seung-chan Boo, Taekyoon Kim, Byung Sun Baek, etc.

Table of Contents

1. The Study of Small States’ Influence in Asymmetrical Relations: Focused on the Capability of State and Decision Maker’s Circumstance Perception - Sung Hoon Lee

2. America’s Third Offset Strategy: Trends, Potential Impacts on the Korean Peninsula and Application Methods - Jun-Hyuk Park

3. An Analysis on the Desirability and Feasibility of the Preventive Strike against North Korea’s Nuclear Threat: Theories and Precedents - Hwee Rhak Park

4. Israel’s Nuclear Development Decision and Nuclear Strategy: The Application of Siege Mentality - Seung-chan Boo

5. A Theoretical Approach to Development Cooperation for North Korea: With Particular Reference to the International Society - Taekyoon Kim

6. The Prospect of Dynamic Relationship among the Four Powers’ Leadership and South Korea’s Maritime Security on the Trump Administration - Byung Sun Baek

7. Assessing the ASEAN Leadership in Perspective - Ki-Hyun Bae