National Strategy
National Strategy, a National Research Foundation of Korea registered publication,is a quarterly periodical which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise and opinions, and contribute to national strategy development.

National Strategy

National Strategy 22-4 (Winter)
2016.12.08  Thursday
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Kyung-Mo Ahn, Hansoo Lee & Jinsoo Park, Seong-ho Sheen, Kwan-Haeng Cho & Heon Joo Jung, etc.

Table of Contents

1. From Bandwagoning to Balancing: The Change of North Korean Foreign Strategy, 2008-2016 - Kyung-Mo Ahn

2. Interest-based Perceptions on Unification and Policy Preferences in South Korea - Hansoo Lee & Jinsoo Park

3. Imbalance of Deterrence: Nuclear Triad, Nuclear Strategy, and US-China Military Competition - Seong-ho Sheen

4. Policy Implications on the Spread of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula - Kwan-Haeng Cho & Heon Joo Jung

5. ROK's SLOC Protection Consequences of Changing on the Maritime Security Environment - Byung Sun Baek & Kyoung Haing Lee

6. Putin's Wars and Russian Strategic Thought - Kim Youngjun