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International Conference

2017 ROK-Japan Relations Hiroshima Symposium
2017.03.31  Friday
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Chang Soo Jin, Lee Sihyung, Ju Chul-ki, Kikkawa Gen, Sawada Katsumi

On Friday, March 24, 2017 ROK-Japan Relations Hiroshima Symposium took place in Hiroshima, sponsored by the Hiroshima Peace Institute of the Hiroshima City University and ROK Consulate General in Hiroshima and hosted by the Sejong Institute and Korea Foundation. This symposium was held to make experts in Japanese universities and policy administrators in local governments to recognize the importance of ROK-Japan relations, to foster Korea-friendly public opinion, and to seek Japan’s cooperation in South Korea’s policy on Northeast Asian order and preparations for Korean unification. The participants including President Jin Chang Soo of the Sejong Institute, President Lee Sihyung of the Korea Foundation, President Ju Chul-ki of the Overseas Koreans Foundation, President Kikkawa Gen of the Hiroshima Peace Institute, Sawada Katsumi of the Mainichi Shinbun discussed the establishment of East Asian order and the development of ROK-Japan relations in the future.