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Domestic Conference
As a part of the institute’s mid- to long-term policy studies, the Sejong Institute holds domestic conferences to generate quality research outcomes and contribute to social and national development.

Domestic Conference

Sejong-JPI Meeting on Foreign Affairs and National Security
2018.04.20  Friday
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On Friday, April 20, the Sejong Institute held a meeting on foreign affairs and national security on the topic of “Multilateral Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Current Affairs and Outlook” at the Jeju Peace Institute (JPI), sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The participants such as Sejong fellows including President Jin Chang Soo and JPI fellows including President Suh Chung-ha and other experts and government officials in the relevant field discussed issues on the upcoming inter-Korean summit and DPRK-U.S. summit, multilateral cooperation in Northeast Asia, North Korea’s denuclearization and a multilateral approach to it.