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Domestic Conference
As a part of the institute’s mid- to long-term policy studies, the Sejong Institute holds domestic conferences to generate quality research outcomes and contribute to social and national development.

Domestic Conference

Sejong-KACJS Summer Academic Conference
2017.08.23  Wednesday
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Chang Soo Jin, Myon woo Lee, Park Chul-Hee, Kim Sang-jun, Yang Ki-ho

On Tuesday, August 22, the Sejong Institute with the Korean Association for Contemporary Japanese Studies (KACJS) held the Sejong-KACJS summer academic conference on the topic of “Special Panel II: Comparing Korea and Japan’s Perspective on Northeast Asian Order” with the sponsorship of the Northeast Asian History Foundation. KACJS President Park Chul-Hee and the Institute’s President Jin Chang Soo each gave an opening speech and a welcoming speech. The panel consisted of three sessions, and participants compared the two countries’ view of regional security in Northeast Asia and the multilateral order, and discussed the measures to develop bilateral relations in the future.