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Domestic Conference
As a part of the institute’s mid- to long-term policy studies, the Sejong Institute holds domestic conferences to generate quality research outcomes and contribute to social and national development.

Domestic Conference

Sejong Panel Session at Summer Academic Conference of Korean Association of International Studies
2017.07.05  Wednesday
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On Friday, June 30, the Sejong Institute held a special session as part of the Summer Academic Conference of Korean Association of International Studies at Chonbuk National University. With the purpose of providing a venue to address the new administration’s foreign policy orientation and policy recommendation as well as publicizing multilateral cooperation, the session brought together experts in and out of the institute such as President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President Lee Sang-hyun, and Director Cheong Seong-chang and Professor Lee Seungjoo (Chung-Ang University), Dr. Park Jong-chul (Korea Institute for National Unification), Professor Kim Chi-wook (Ulsan University), and Professor Cho Yun-young of Chung-Ang University. First session, on the topic of “the New Administration’s Diplomacy, National Security, and Unification,” Director Cheong Seong-chang, Vice President Lee Sang-hyun, and Professor Kim Chi-wook each gave a presentation on the topic with the moderation by President Jin Chang Soo. In the next session, Dr. Choi Eunmi, Professor Lee Seungjoo, and Director Lee Dae-woo each presented on the topic of “Tasks and Prospects of Northeast Asia Multilateral Diplomacy.”