Overseas Research
The Sejong Institute conducts overseas research through interviews and academic conferences with experts and scholars outside the country in order to collect data for the development of ROK’s diplomatic security strategies.

Overseas Research

2018 DPRK-China Border Field Research
2018.09.04  Tuesday
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From August 25 to September 3, the Sejong Institute delegation visited the DPRK-China border area. The Sejong Institute’s Senior Research Fellow Lee Jong-seok, Director Lee Seong-hyon of Department of Unification Strategy Studies, and Visiting Research Fellow Lee Chang-ju, jointed with Professor Park Jong-chul of Gyeongsang National University, and Research Fellow Joung Eunlee of Korea Institute for National Unification and examined the conditions of sanctions against North Korea and the logistics infrastructure between North Korea and China. The participants gathered basic information for policymaking to establish strategies linking the Korean Peninsula such as the New Economic Map on the Korean Peninsula and the New Northern Policy.