Overseas Research
The Sejong Institute conducts overseas research through interviews and academic conferences with experts and scholars outside the country in order to collect data for the development of ROK’s diplomatic security strategies.

Overseas Research

2016 Field Research in China-North Korea Border Areas
2016.08.29  Monday
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Seong-chang Cheong, Jong-seok Lee

From August 6 to 13, 2016, the Sejong Institute conducted an overseas field research in the border areas of China and North Korea in order to investigate and understand the current states of economic exchanges between the two countries and the North Korean economy after the UN international sanctions. Seong-chang Cheong, Department Director of Unification Strategy Studies, and Jong-seok Lee, Senior Research Fellow, visited the Dandong, Ji’an, Linjiang, Changbai, and Yanji regions, observed the present conditions of North Korean economy from across the border, and collected information on facilitating factors and impacts of economic cooperations between North Korea and China.