Overseas Research
The Sejong Institute conducts overseas research through interviews and academic conferences with experts and scholars outside the country in order to collect data for the development of ROK’s diplomatic security strategies.

Overseas Research

2016 Overseas Research in Tokyo, Japan
2016.07.14  Thursday
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Chang Soo Jin, Myon woo Lee, Yanghyeon Jo

From July 6 to July 9, 2016, Sejong Institute conducted an Overseas Research in Tokyo, Japan, to investigate the issues around the impending election for the House of Councillors and seek diagnosis on political and policy prospects and implications in Korea-Japan diplomatic relations.

Dr. Chang Soo Jin, President of the Sejong Institute, and Dr. Myon woo Lee, Director of Diplomatic Strategy Department, and Prof. Yanghyeon Jo of Korea National Diplomatic Academy sat with government officials, scholars, and journalists of Japan to forecast key issues of the election, seat allocations, economic and strategic policy, and discussed how the election result will affect Japan’s foreign policies.