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Sejong Press Forum allows exchange of opinions with journalists in the areas of diplomacy, security, and unification, and promotes activities and network-building of the Sejong Institute.

Sejong Press Forum

Press Forum with Foreign Correspondents I
2018.04.13  Friday
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Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Cheong Seong-Chang, Woo Jung-Yeop, Jae hung Chung
On Friday, April 13, the Sejong Institute held a press forum with foreign correspondents at the Press Center Seoul. Hosted by the Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club Secretariat, the forum began with briefings of Sejong fellows, including President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun, Director Cheong Seong-Chang, acting Director Woo Jung-Yeop, Researh Fellow Chung Jae-hung. The participants had time to prospect the inter-Korean and North Korea-U.S. summits and evaluated the North Korea-China summit.