Sejong Press Forum
Sejong Press Forum allows exchange of opinions with journalists in the areas of diplomacy, security, and unification, and promotes activities and network-building of the Sejong Institute.

Sejong Press Forum

First Sejong Press Forum for 2018
2018.02.07  Wednesday
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Chang Soo Jin, Sang Hyun Lee, Cheong Seong-Chang, Jee-kwang Park, Woo Jung-Yeop, Jae hung Chung

On Wednesday, February 7, the Sejong Institute held the first Sejong Press Forum of the year. With the topic on “the Korean Peninsula around the Times of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics,” the forum was a venue to evaluate the political environment of the Korean Peninsula, the American, Chinese, and Japanese views of the Korean Peninsula, the U.S. security policy, and the State of the Union. From the institute, President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang-Hyun, and Research Fellows Woo Jung-Yeop, Park Jee Kwang, and Chung Jaehung participated in the forum joined by journalists. The participants addressed the need for effort to carry on with the inter-Korean dialogue, emphasizing the necessity of these talks to alleviate tensions surrounding the peninsula.