Sejong Press Forum
Sejong Press Forum allows exchange of opinions with journalists in the areas of diplomacy, security, and unification, and promotes activities and network-building of the Sejong Institute.

Sejong Press Forum

2017 5th Sejong Press Forum
2017.11.14  Tuesday
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Sang Hyun Lee, Cheong Seong-Chang, Jaehung Chung, Woo Jung-Yeop, William David Straub

On November 13, the Sejong Institute held the 5th Sejong Press Forum of the year on the topic of ”Korean Peninsula after the ROK-U.S. Summit.” The Sejong fellows, including President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun, Director Cheong Seong-Chang, Research Fellows Woo Jung-yeop and Chung Jaehung, and Sejong-LS Fellow David Straub, evaluated the recent ROK-U.S. summit and discussed the current affairs with journalists.