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Sejong Press Forum allows exchange of opinions with journalists in the areas of diplomacy, security, and unification, and promotes activities and network-building of the Sejong Institute.

Sejong Press Forum

2016 3rd Sejong Press Forum
2016.05.13  Friday
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On Thursday, May 12, 2016, the Sejong Institute held its 3rd Sejong Press Forum this year, welcoming reporters from various media outlets for a discussion on the subject of “North Korea’s 7th Congress of Workers’ Party: Assessment and Predictions.” Our research fellows presented on the topical issues related to North Korea’s 7th Workers’ Party Congress, and held a follow-up Q&A session with the reporters.


List of Presentations


“Assessing DPRK’s 7th Congress of Workers’ Party: Ramifications of the Change in Political Elites” by Dr. Seong-chang Cheong (Director of the Department of Unification Strategy Studies)


“Analyzing DPRK’s Economic Policy After the 7th Party Congress” by Dr. Un-Chul Yang (Vice President)


“Assessing DPRK’s 7th Party Congress: North Korea’s Foreign Policy, Inter-Korean Policy, and Nuclear Program” by Dr. Haksoon Paik (Vice President for Training and Education Division)


“The U.S. Perspective on DPRK’s 7th Party Congress” by Dr. Sang Hyun Lee (Vice President for Research Planning Division)


“Understanding China’s Perspective on DPRK’s 7th Party Congress” by Dr. Jaehung Chung (Research Fellow)