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Sejong Policy Forum aims to generate policy proposals and consensus on national strategy.

Sejong Policy Forum

Second Sejong Policy Forum of 2019
2019.03.07  Thursday
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Jin Hee-gwan, Min Tae Eun, Kim Jae Cheol, Park Jong Chul

On March 6, the Sejong Institute held the second Sejong Policy Forum for the year 2019 on the topic of Assessment of the Second DPRK-US Summit and Future Tasks. Professor Jin Hee-gwan (Inje University), Research Fellow Min Tae Eun (Korea Institute for National Unification, KINU), Professor Kim Jae Cheol (The Catholic University of Korea), Senior Research Fellow Park Jong Chul (KINU) presented their thoughts on the topic. 

This forum included experts in the relevant field to have an in-depth discussion on the topic Vice President Lee Ki Dong (Institute for National Security Strategy, INSS), Professor Lee Geun (Seoul National University), Research Fellow Hong Sukhoon (KINU), Research Fellow Lee Soo Hyung (INSS), and others.