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Sejong Policy Forum aims to generate policy proposals and consensus on national strategy.

Sejong Policy Forum

First Sejong Policy Forum of 2019
2019.01.24  Thursday
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Koh Yoo-hwan, Jun Bong-geun, Suh Bohyuk, Hong Min, Kim Joonhyung, Park Jong-chol

On January 23, the Sejong Institute held the first Sejong Policy Forum for the year 2019 on the topic of “Seeking a Roadmap for Peace and Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” Professor Koh Yoo-hwan (Dongguk University), Professor Jun Bong-geun (Korea National Diplomatic Academy), Research Fellow Suh Bohyuk (Korea Institute for National Unification, KINU), Research Fellow Hong Min (KINU), Professor Kim Joonhyung (Handong Global University), and Honorary Research Fellow Park Jong-chol (KINU) presented their thoughts on the topic. 

This forum included experts in the relevant field to have an in-depth discussion on the topic – Professor Chung Kyung-young (Hanyang University), Professor Kim Yong-hyun (Dongguk University), Professor Kim Jinmoo (Sookmyung Women’s University), and others.