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Sejong Policy Forum

Seventh Sejong Policy Forum for 2018
2018.08.17  Friday
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On Friday July 20, the Sejong Institute held its seventh Policy Forum on the subject of “The Declaration of the End of Korean War: Significance, Directions, and Tasks.” Moderated by Vice President Seong-chang Cheong, the forum featured special presentations of Prof. Youhwan Koh of Dongguk University, Prof. Joonhyung Kim of Handong University, Dr. Seong-ryul Cho of INSS, Prof. Jang-ryul Moon of the National Defense University, Vice President Jee-kwang Park and Dr. Jaehung Chung of the Sejong Institute. The speakers presented on the major powers’ perspectives on the declaration of the end of the Korean War and the ROK government’s role and tasks for the pursuit of the eventual realization of the declaration.