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Sejong Policy Forum

Fifth Sejong Policy Forum for 2018
2018.06.18  Monday
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On Wednesday, May 30, the Sejong Institute held the fifth Sejong Policy Forum on the topic of “Resolving the North Korean Nuclear Issue and Building Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula.” At this forum, Prof. Dong-Yeop Kim from Kyungnam University, Dr. Jong-Chul Kim from Korea Institute for National Unification, Dr. Doohyun Cha from the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, and Prof. Yoohwan Koh from Dongguk University participated as guest speakers and assessed the Inter-Korean and DRPK-US Summit Talks, made prospects from the perspective of denuclearization, and discussed measures to build a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

The institute also invited prominent specialists and government officials, including Mr. Taeho Kang, Senior Analyst of Hankyoreh newspaper, Prof. Hyunseok Yoo of Kyunghee University, Dr. Horyoung Lee of Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, Dr. Seong-chang Cheong, Director of the Department of Unification Strategy Studies, Dr. Namhoon Cho of Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, and Mr. Seong-taek Wang of YTN, as guest discussants and provided a venue to tackle the current issues on denuclearization and building a peace regime.