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Sejong Policy Forum

Second Sejong Policy Forum for 2018
2018.02.28  Wednesday
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On Wednesday, February 28, the Sejong Institute held the second Sejong Policy Forum for this year on the topic of “Post-PyeongChang: U.S. Policy on North Korea and DPRK-U.S. Relations.” Professor Seo Jung-gon (Kyung Hee University), Research Fellow Park Jee Kwang (the Sejong Institute), Professor Kim Joonhyung, and Senior Research Fellow Cho Namhoon each presented on the topic of “Evaluation of the Circumstances around the PyeongChang Olympics” and “U.S. Policy on North Korea and DPRK-U.S. Relations.”

Many experts, government officials, journalists participated as discussants and discussed in-depth on South Korea’s role and task in U.S. policy on North Korea.