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2017 8th Sejong Policy Forum
2017.11.23  Thursday
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On November 22, the Sejong Institute held the 8th Sejong Policy Forum on the topic of “Fostering an Environment for Peace on the Korean Peninsula around the Time of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics” Beginning with President Jin Chang Soo’s brief opening comments, the first session was initiated by presentations from Professor Kim Yong-hyun of Dongguk University and Professor Kang JoonHo of Seoul National University on the topic of “Political Landscape surrounding the Korean Peninsula and PyeongChang Winter Olympics.” On the topic of “Measures to Foster an Environment to Successfully Carry out the Winter Olympics,” Professors Koh You-hwan (Dongguk University) and Kim Dong-yeop (Kyungnam University) presented their thoughts on the issue.


Many scholars and journalists, along with government officials, Lee Duk-haeng (secretary to the President for Unification, Office of National Security) and Kwon Hee-seok (secretary to the President for Security Strategy, Office of National Security), participated as panelists to discuss the conditions for successful Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and the tasks that the experts in the field of national security, Korean unification, and foreign affairs should consider.