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Sejong Policy Forum

2017 7th Sejong Policy Forum
2017.10.24  Tuesday
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Woo Jung-Yeop, Kim Yeoul Soo, Park Ihn-Hwi, Seo Junggun, Kim Joonhyung, Shin Beom-chul

On Tuesday, October 17, the Sejong Institute held the 7th Sejong Policy Forum of the year on the topic of “President Trump’s State Visit and Strategies for ROK-U.S. Summit.” Beginning with President Jin Chang Soo’s opening remarks, Professors Park Ihn-hwi (Ewha Woman’s University) and Seo Junggun (Kyung Hee University), and Research Fellow Woo Jung-Yeop (the Sejong Institute) presented on the pending issues between the two countries under the leadership of Presidents Moon Jae-in and Donald Trump and the evaluation of the bilateral relations. For the second session, Visiting Research Fellow Kim Yeoul Soo(the Sejong Institute), and Professors Kim Joonhyung (Handong Global University) and Shin Beom-chul (Korea National Diplomacy Academy) addressed the strategies and tasks for the summit.


This forum brought together the relevant pundits and government officials in the field, including Kang Tae-ho (director, Hankyoreh Peace Institute), Kim Min-seok (military reporter, Joong-Ang Ilbo), and Kim Young-ho (director-general​, Research Institute for National Security Affairs, Korea National Defense University). The participants assessed the status of ROK-U.S. relations and its issues and discussed the main agenda, goal, and progress indicator of the summit.