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Sejong Policy Forum Special Session IV
2017.10.10  Tuesday
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Un-Chul Yang, Lim Eul-chul, Lim Soo Ho, Koh You-hwan, Hong Soon Jik, Park Jong-Chul

On Friday, September 29, the Sejong Institute held Sejong Policy Forum Special Session 4 on the topic of “Implementation of the New Economic Map Initiative.” Beginning with the Institute’s President Jin Chang Soo’s opening remarks, the forum comprised of two sessions. In the first session, Professor Lim Eul-chul of Kyungnam University, Research Fellow Lim Soo Ho of Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, and Professor Koh You-hwan of Dogguk University presented on the pros and cons of the initiative and the difference with the previous economic cooperation initiative with North Korea and the conditions to implement the initiative. Professor Hong Soon Jik of Kookmin University, Vice President Yang Un-Chul of the Sejong Institute, and Senior Research Fellow Park Jong-Chul of Korea Institute for National Unification addressed the core tasks for the initiative and conditions for policy success in the second session. 


This forum’s participants include Kim Byungyeon (professor, Seoul National University), Kim Yong-hyun (professor, Dongguk University), Kim Jae-chul (professor, Catholic University of Korea), Paik Haksoon (senior research fellow, the Sejong Institute), among other experts in the relevant field as well as government officials from the Ministry of Unification. The participants discussed the implementation measures for the initiative .