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2017 5th Sejong Policy Forum
2017.08.18  Friday
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On Wednesday, August 16, the Sejong Institute held the 5th Sejong Policy Forum of the year on the topic of “Implementation Measures for the Moon Jae-in Administration's Berlin Initiative.” Session I was on the topic of "President Moon Jae-in's Berlin Initiative: Details and Assessment." Session II was on the topic of "Measures to Implement Berlin Initiative and Its Core Tasks." Each had three presenters to begin with, Kim Yong-hyun (Professor, Dongguk University), Oh Gyeong-seob (Research Fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification [KINU]), and Cheong Seong-chang (Director, the Sejong Institute) for session one, and Kim Joonhyung (Professor, Handong Global University), Jun Bong-Geun (Professor, Korea National Diplomacy Academy), and Cha Du-hyeogn (Special Advisor to the Governor of Gyeonggi Province) for session two. 



This forum included experts on South Korea's North Korea policy including Koh You-hwan (Professor, Dongguk University), Gil Jungwoo (Chair Research Fellow, KINU), Kim Geun-sik (Professor, Kyungnam University), and Kim Young-ho (Director-General at Research Institute for National Security Affairs, Korea National Defense University). The participants explored the differences between the previous initiatives toward North Korea and the Berlin Initiative and contemplated on the vision and roadmap for North Korea policy based on this initiative.