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Sejong Policy Forum

2017 4th Sejong Policy Forum
2017.07.05  Wednesday
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Woo Jung-Yeop, Kim Joonhyung, Shin Beom-chul, Min Jeonghun

On Tuesday, the Sejong Institute held the 4th Sejong Policy Forum of the year on the topic of “Ensuing Tasks for ROK-U.S. Summit and Directions for ROK-U.S. Relations.” Session I included presentations from Professor Kim Joonhyung of Handong Global University and Professor Shin Beom-chul of Korea National Diplomatic Academy on evaluations and future tasks of ROK-U.S summit. At the second session, Visiting Research Fellow Woo Jung-Yeop of the Sejong Institute and Professor Min Jeonghun of Korea National Diplomatic Academy presented on ROK-U.S. relations development and core tasks. 

This forum included experts on ROK-U.S. relations including Director-General​ Kim Young-ho of Research Institute for National Security Affairs, Korea National Defense University), Professor Kim Jae-chun of Sogang University, and Special Advisor Cha Du-hyeogn to the Governor of Gyeonggi Province. The participants addressed on the achievements of the summit and major tasks left for the Korean government.