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Sejong Policy Forum

2017 Sejong Policy Forum Special III
2017.05.30  Tuesday
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Kim Chang-rok, Shim Kyu-Sun, Kim Hyun-Chul, Chung Jaejeong, Sohn Yul

On Thursday, May 25, the Sejong Institute held the Sejong Policy Forum Special Session 3 on "New Administration's Approach to Resolve Confrontation with Japan." The forum began with opening remark and keynote speech from President Jin Chang Soo and Chairperson Park Joon-woo respectively. The first session, on the topic of South Korea's Policy on Japan: the Setting and Problems consisted of presentations from Kim Chang-rok (Professor, Kyungpook National University) and Shim Kyu-Sun (Senior Columnist, Dong-A Ilbo). The second session, in which the participants discussed on Seeking Breakthrough in South Korea’s Japan Policy and Policy Recommendations, began with presentations from Kim Hyun-Chul (Professor, Seoul National University), Chung Jaejeong (Professor, University of Seoul), and Sohn Yul (Professor, Yonsei University) on policy considerations in South Korea’s strategy on Japan.


The Forum also brought together various experts such as Nam Sang Gu (Research Fellow, Northeast Asia History Foundation), Yun Duk-min (former chancellor of Korea National Diplomatic Academy), and Lee Sook-Jong (Professor, SungKyunKwan University) and journalists, and government officials. The participants evaluated the new administration’s environment surrounding its Japan policy and contemplated on the measures to improve ROK-Japan relations.