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Sejong Policy Forum

2017 Sejong Policy Forum Special II
2017.04.20  Thursday
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Ohm Tae Am, Park Ihn-hwi, Park Jong-chol, and Lee Seungjoo

On Tuesday, April 18, the Sejong Institute held Sejong Policy Forum Special Session II on “the Next Administration’s Multilateral Diplomacy in Northeast Asia.” The first session, on the topic of “South Korea's Former Administrations' Multilateral Diplomacy: Achievements and Evaluations” consisted of presentations from Ohm Tae Am (Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses) and Park Ihn-hwi (Professor, Ewha Womans University). The second session, in which the participants discussed on “The Next Administration’s Directions and Major Tasks for Multilateral Diplomacy in Northeast Asia,” began with presentations from Park Jong-chol (Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification) and Lee Seungjoo (Professor, Chung-Ang University) on core agenda and policy considerations for the incoming administration’s multilateral diplomacy in the region.


This Forum also included various experts such as Kang Sunjoo (Professor, Korea National Diplomatic Agency), Kim Changsoo (Executive Director, Korea National Strategy Institute), and Shin Beom-chul (Professor, Korea National Diplomatic Agency) and government officials. The participants had an in-depth discussion on conditions and direction of South Korea’s multilateral diplomacy in the region.