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Sejong Policy Forum

2017 Sejong Policy Forum Special I
2017.03.31  Friday
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On Thursday, March 30, the Sejong Institute held a special Sejong Policy Forum on “the Next Administration’s North Korea Policy.” The first session, on the topic of “Main Presidential Candidates’ North Korea Policy,” consisted of presentations from Kim Ki Jung (Professor, Yonsei University), Paik Haksoon (Senior Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute), Kim Heungkyu (Professor, Ajou University), Jung Nak-Geun (Chief of Policy, Yeouido Research Center) and Choi Dae Seok (Professor, Ewha Womans University). The second session, in which the participants discussed on “is a transpartisan North Korea policy deducible?,” began with presentations from Nam Sung-wook (Professor, Korea University), Kim Geun-sik (Professor, Kyungnam University), Kim Joonhyung (Professor, Handong Global University), and Choi Kang (Vice President, Asan Institute for Policy Studies) on conditions for and possibility of transpartisan consensus on South Korea’s North Korea policy.


This Forum also included panelists such as Kim Young-ho (Director-General. Research Institute for National Security Affairs, Korea National Defense University), Kim Jae Chul (Professor, Catholic University of Korea), Yoo Kil-Jae (Professor, University of North Korean Studies, former unification minister), Shin Beom-chul (Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses), and Cho Yoon-young (Professor, Chung-Ang University) and government officials and journalists. The participants had an in-depth discussion on what North Korea policy is desirable beyond the political divide between conservatives and liberals.​