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2017 17th Colloquium
2017.09.12  Tuesday
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Kisoo Kim

On Tuesday, September 12, the Sejong Institute held the 17th colloquium of the year on the topic of ”U.S. Protectionism and U.S.-China Economic Dispute: Politicization of Protectionism.” Director Lee Myon woo moderated the colloquium and Senior Research Fellow Kim Kisoo navigated the cases of U.S. protectionism and analyzed the Trump administration’s protectionism and economic pressure against China. Dr. Kim expressed that because the U.S. used protectionism for its national interests , the Trump administration’s protectionism cannot be referred to as some unprecedented original policy. This has strategic calculations beyond a mere reduction of active sanctions. Dr. Kim predicted that as long as the U.S. continues with exerting economic pressure on China, the Chinese economy will likely to suffer to a great extent.