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Special Colloquium Regarding North Korea's Sixth Nuclear Test
2017.09.06  Wednesday
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Chang Soo Jin, Cheong Seong-Chang, Sang Hyun Lee, Jaehung Chung, Kim Jin-moo

On Tuesday, September 5, the Sejong Institute held a special colloquium session on “South Korea’s Strategy Regarding North Korea after North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test.” Moderated by President Jin Chang Soo, the colloquium consisted of presentations from Director Cheong Seong-Chang, Visiting Research Fellow Kim Jin-moo, Vice President for Research Planning Lee Sang Hyun, and Research Fellow Chung Jaehung. Senior Research Fellow Cho Nam-hoon of Kore Institute of Defense Analyses and Kim Yeol-su of Sungshin Woman’s University commented on the papers along with Sejong research fellows and participants evaluated North Korea’s sixth nuclear test and discussed the South Korean government’s directions in the future.




North Korea’s Intentions of the Sixth Nuclear Test and Future Policy Outlook – Cheong Seong-Chang

Technical Evaluation of North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test – Kim Jin-moo

U.S. Evaluation and Reaction to North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test – Lee Sang Hyun

China’s Evaluation and Reaction to North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test – Woo Jung-Yeop 

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