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2017 16th Colloquium
2017.08.22  Tuesday
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Un-Chul Yang, Zang Hyungsoo, Kim Suk-jin

On August 21, the Sejong Institute held the 16th Colloquium on the topic of “Analyzing the Estimation of North Korea’s Economic Growth.” The colloquium was presented by Vice President Yang Un-Chul, Professor Zang Hyungsoo (Hanyang University), moderated by Director Cheong Seong-Chang, and commented by Research Fellow Kim Suk-jin (Korea Institute for National Unification). Along with the Sejong fellows, they discussed the North Korea’s economic growth on different sectors based on the Bank of Korea’s estimation of North Korea’s economic growth rate. Professor Zang claimed that for the accurate analysis of the North Korean economy, the credibility and accuracy of the data should be verified, and the relevant authorities should expand the discussion with experts that are not affiliated with them.