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2017 15th Colloquium
2017.08.09  Wednesday
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Woo Jung-Yeop, Daewoo Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Eunsook Chung

On Tuesday, August 8, the Sejong Institute held its 15th colloquium of the year on the topic of "Analyzing Pending Issues between Korea and the U.S. after the Summit." At the colloquium, Dr. Woo Jung-Yeop presented on the perception gap existing between South Korea and the U.S. by analyzing the perceptions of figures ranging from the U.S. government, Congress, and think-tanks after the ROK-U.S. summit last June. Dr. Woo implied that there remains issues of trust between the two countries, and claimed that Seoul should reduce any unnecessary policy spending in relations with the major countries in concern, establish the policy direction that it intends, and pursue active diplomacy with relevant countries on those issues.