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2017 11th Colloquium
2017.06.14  Wednesday
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Tai Hwan Lee, Chang Soo Jin, Myon woo Lee

On Monday, June 12, the Sejong Institute held its 11th colloquium of the year with the topic of “U.S.-China Relations and the Korean Peninsula in Era of Trump.” The colloquium proceeded with Vice President for Education and Training Program Lee Tai Hwan’s presentation- in which he analyzed the U.S.-China relations’ influence on the Korean Peninsula in the era of Trump. Dr. Lee indicated that as the Trump administration regards the North Korean nuclear issue as the top priority, the issue will become the benchmark for a re-established U.S-China relations and emphasized the necessity of close cooperation among South Korea, the U.S. and China to uphold international coordination on sanctions against North Korea in the future. 

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