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2017 10th Colloquium
2017.05.25  Thursday
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Cheong Seong-Chang, Un-Chul Yang, Sang Hyun Lee, Myon woo Lee, Koh You-Hwan, Kim Joonhyung

On Tuesday, May 23, the Sejong Institute held the 10th Colloquium on the topic of "the Moon Administration's Management of North Korean Nuclear Risk and Development of Inter-Korean Relations." In this colloquium moderated by Vice President Yang Un-Chul, Cheong Seong-Chang, director of Unification Strategy Studies Department, presented on the management of North Korean nuclear and missile threat and the North Korea policy for peace on the Korean Peninsula and the development of inter-Korean relations. Director Cheong asserted that the international community should exert more pressure on the North Korean nuclear and missile tests and that take a flexible apporach over humanitarian aid and civil exchanges to induce North Korea to the negotiation table. Professor Koh You-hwan of Dongguk University and Professor Kim Joonhyung of Handong Global University participated in the colloquium along with Sejong fellows and made comments on the presentation.