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2017 4th Colloquium
2017.03.03  Friday
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Lee Yunkeol, Cheong Seong-Chang, Sang Hyun Lee, Daewoo Lee

On Tuesday, February 28, the Sejong Institute held the fourth Colloquium of the year on the topic of “North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Development and Weaponization: Current Status and Outlook.” With Director Cheong Seong-Chang as the moderator, Visiting Research Fellow Lee Yunkeol presented North Korea’s strategy on nuclear and missile development, and the background and circumstances surrounding its weaponization from the Kim Il-sung era to Kim Jong-un era. Dr. Lee asserted that the South Korean government should have in-depth research and analysis on North Korean nuclear and missile development and prepare for strategies and tactics against North Korea’s strategy to invade the South to rightly implement its North Korea policy.