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[2017 1st Sejong Dialogue] Unification Minister Hong Yong-Pyo
2017.02.23  Thursday
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Chang Soo Jin, Un-Chul Yang, Tai Hwan Lee, Hong Yong-Pyo

On Wednesday, February 22, the Sejong Institute held the first Sejong Dialogue, inviting Minister of Unification Hong Yong-pyo, on the topic of "Park Geun-hye administration's Achievements in Its North Korea Policy and The Tasks for the Succeeding Administration." 

As an opportunity to bolster communications and cooperation with the expert group related to the Ministry of Unification's design and implementation of Korean Peninsula strategy and North Korea policy, this dialogue has been a venue for in-depth discussion on assessing the Park administration's North Korea policy and contemplating measures to improve inter-Korean relations in the future. Minister Hong gave a keynote speech followed by comments from the institute's Vice President Yang Un-Chul and Director Cheong Seong-Chang and other Sejong fellows including Chairman Park Joon-woo and President Jin Chang Soo participated in the discussion. 




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