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2017 1st Colloquium
2017.01.04  Wednesday
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Seong-chang Cheong, Yong-hyun Kim, Ki-dong Lee

On Tuesday, January 3, 2017, the Sejong Institute held its 1st Colloquium this year on the subject of "North Korea's Domestic and Foreign Policy Outlook Revealed in Kim Jong-un's 2017 New Year's Address." Director Seong-Chang Cheong of the Department of Unification Strategy Studies) gave the presentation on the topic followed by Professor Yong-hyun Kim and Dr. Ki-dong Lee's discussions. The participants including the Sejong Institute's research fellows, analyzed Kim Jong-un's New Year's Address this year and discussed the possible changes in North Korea's policy on South Korea and ensuing Seoul's North Korea policy orientation. Dr. Cheong viewed that as North Korea could enhance its nuclear and missile capabilities in the first half of this year and shift to softening stance toward South Korea in the later half of this year, South Korea should seek to mend inter-Korean relations with the nuclear freeze and suspension of additional nuclear and missile tests as conditions, and design countermeasures against North Korea's potential violations.      

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