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Sejong Political Outlook 2018
2017.12.20  Wednesday
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Sejong Political Outlook 2018: 20 Hot Issues for South Korea’s National Security, Unification, and Foreign Affairs

Table of Contents

Part I. 10 Topics in International Affairs in 2018


1. North Korea’s Advancement of Nuclear and Missile Capabilities in 2018 – Cheong Seong-Chang (Director of the Unification Strategy Studies Department, the Sejong Institute)

2. Will the U.S. Opt for a Military Action against North Korea? – Lee Sang Hyun (Vice President for Research Planning, the Sejong Institute)

3. The United States’ East Asia Policy in 2018 – David Straub (Sejong-LS Fellow, the Sejong Institute)

4. Will the U.S. Republican Party Lose the Mid-Term Elections in 2018? – Park Jee Kwang (Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute)

5. U.S.-China Trade Dispute: On a Collision Course or a Path of Compromise in 2018? – Lee Seung-joo (Professor, Chung-Ang University)

6. The Possibility of DPRK-China Summit in 2018 – Lee Seong-hyon (Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute)

7. Will Japan’s ‘Pacifist Constitution’ Be Amended in 2018? – Jin Chang Soo (President, the Sejong Institute)

8. U.S.-Russia Relations in 2018 - Shin Beom-Shik (Professor, Seoul National University)

9. Will the Dispute over the South China Sea Be Intensified in 2018? – Lee Daewoo (Director of the Security Strategy Studies Department, the Sejong Institute)

10. Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit? – Yoon Seock-Jun (Research Professor, Sogang University)


Part II. 10 Topics in South Korea’s Strategy for 2018

1. Will North Korea Participate in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics? – Paik Haksoon (Senior Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute)

2. How Much Damage Will International Sanctions Inflict on North Korean Economy? – Yang Un-chul (Vice President, the Sejong Institute)

3. How Could Seoul Drive Forward the ‘New Economic Map’ on the Korean Peninsula? – Hong Soon Jick (Senior Researcher, Future Korea Institute at Kookmin University)

4. Negotiations for KORUS FTA Amendment: Issues and Prospects – Lee Wang-hwi (Professor, Ajou University)

5. ROK-U.S. Negotiations on the 10th Special Measures Agreement: Issues and Strategies – Park Won-gon (Professor, Handong Global University)

6. Trajectory of the Negotiations on Wartime Operation Control (OPCON) Transfer – Kim Yeoul Soo (Visiting Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute)

7. Will the ROK-China Discord Be Settled? – Chung Jae Hung (Research Fellow, the Sejong Institute)

8. Will the ‘Comfort Women’ Issue Be Resolved? - Lee Myon-woo (Director of the Diplomatic Strategy Studies Department, the Sejong Institute)

9. Security Environment Surrounding the Korean Peninsula and ROK-U.S.-Japan Cooperation in 2018 – Park Young-june (Professor, Korea National Defense University)

10. Directions for ‘New Southern Policy’ in the Changing East Asian Order – Choi Kyunghee (Senior Researcher, Center for Social Sciences in Seoul National University)