Events and Activity

Events and Activity


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  • First International Academic Conference of Community of East Asian Researchers on Japan

    2016.12.05 Monday View : 246 Chang Soo Jin

    The President Chang Soo Jin participated the first International Academic Conference of Community of East Asian Researchers on Japan which was held in November 30 at Songdo. President Jin participated as a moderator of a co-panel proceeded under the topic of “Japanese Studies in Korea,” and Cheol-Gu Kang​ (Professor, Pai Chai ...


  • The 3rd Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation

    2016.11.22 Tuesday View : 730

    From November 8 to 9, 2016, the Sejong Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs successfully hosted a thesis competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation and the Situation in Northeast Asia in&nbs...


  • ASEAN Journalists' Visit to the Sejong Institute

    2016.10.27 Thursday View : 447

    On Wednesday, October 26, the Sejong Institute hosted journalists from ASEAN countries and presented a lecture on the topic of "Destabilizing Trends in the Asia Pacific: Return of Geopoilitics and the Korean Peninsula."


  • 2016 2nd Research Planning Meeting

    2016.10.26 Wednesday View : 458

    On Thursday to Friday, October 20 to 21, 2016, the Sejong Institute held the second research planning meeting this year at The Bloomvista in Yangpyeong. This meeting was chaired by the institute's vice president Yang Un-Chul and reviewed this year's achievements and next year's research topics. The staff, apart from research fellows, h...


  • 2016 NAPCI Forum

    2016.10.25 Tuesday View : 257 Sang Hyun Lee

    Vice President for Research Sang Hyun Lee and Visiting Research Fellow Eunmi Choi attended the2016 NAPCI Forum held in Washington D.C. between October 6 and 7 on the topic of "Trust-Building Toward a Peaceful and Cooperation Northeast Asia."


  • 2016 Sejong Institute-KOICA Partnership Program for Diplomats

    2016.09.30 Friday View : 477

    From September 18, 2016 to November 19, for 63 days, the Sejong Institute carries out Partnership Program for Diplomats in cooperation with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Twenty-nine participants from 28 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Central Europe, and Latin America will be participating in various l...


  • President Chang Soo Jin in the Hiroshima Peace Seminar

    2016.08.31 Wednesday View : 282

    The President Chang Soo Jin of the Sejong Institute participated in the Hiroshima Peace Seminar on August 27, 2016. He gave a special lecture under the subject of “Implementation and Future Tasks of the Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI)."​ 

  • Chairman Joon-woo Park and President Chang Soo Jin in the Korea-Japan Forum

    2016.08.31 Wednesday View : 280

    The Chairman Joon-woo Park and President Chang Soo Jin of the Sejong Institute attended the 24th Korea-Japan Forum, “Building a New Japan-Korea/Korea-Japan Relationship,” which took place at ANA InterContinental Tokyo on August 24-26, 2016. The purpose of this year’s forum was to exchange opinions and enhance mutual understanding o...


  • The President’s Special Lecture for the National Strategy Trainees

    2016.08.31 Wednesday View : 478

    On August 17, 2016, Chang Soo Jin, President of the Sejong Institute, gave a special lecture on “Regional Issues, Diplomacy, and Security in East Asia” for the trainees of our National Strategy Training Program. The lecture took place in the Grand Conference Hall of the Sejong Institute.​


  • The 3rd Sejong Academy for Young Leaders: Opening Ceremony

    2016.08.31 Wednesday View : 467

    The Sejong Institute held the opening ceremony for the 3rd incoming class of Sejong Academy for Young Leaders. From August 12 to November 18, 2016, the twenty new students will participate in biweekly lectures and discussions to develop their knowledge and capacity in diplomacy, security, and unification issues. A two-day field tri...