Events and Activity

Events and Activity


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  • 23rd National Strategy Training Program: Visit to Incheon

    2017.07.20 Thursday View : 211

    On Thursday, July 20, the trainees participating in the 23rd National Strategy Training Program visited Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority and Incheon International Airport Corporation to understand the local economy and culture. The trainees were introduced with the airport facilities in the Incheon International Airport, such as te...


  • Sejong Institute MOU with Incheon National University

    2017.07.11 Tuesday View : 236

    On July 11, 2017 the Sejong Institute signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Incheon National University.  


  • President Jin Chang Soo at Research Council on Unification Policy Executive Committee Workshop

    2017.06.27 Tuesday View : 148 Chang Soo Jin

    From June 23 to 24, President Jin Chang Soo participated in Research Council on Unification Policy Executive Committee Workshop at Maremons Hotel located in Sokcho, Gangwon province. 


  • President Jin Chang Soo at the Research Council on Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Unification

    2017.06.22 Thursday View : 150 Chang Soo Jin

    On June 19, President Jin Chang Soo participated in the Research Council on Foreign Affairs, National Security, and Unification and presented on the new administration's policy outlook on foreign affairs, unification and national security and the challenges that the new administration will face.  


  • 2017 PowerPoint Competition

    2017.05.25 Thursday View : 276

    On May 23, the Sejong Institute held a PowerPoint competition among the institute staffs.


  • 2017 Spring Hiking Day

    2017.05.16 Tuesday View : 244

    On Friday, May 12, 2017, the Sejong Institute staff visited Namhansanseong Provincial Park for a day of hiking and exercise. Chairman Park Joon-woo, President Jin Chang Soon as well as our research fellows and employees had an opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenary surrounding Namhansanseong.​


  • 2017 Arbor Day

    2017.04.12 Wednesday View : 262

    On Wednesday, April 5, the Sejong staffs participated in the Arbor day event held by the institute in front of the institute building. 


  • MOU on Sejong-LS Fellowship 

    2017.02.23 Thursday View : 2,309

    The Sejong Institute invited William David Straub, former associate director at the Stanford Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (former U.S. Department of State Korea Desk) as Sejong-LS Fellow, a newly made post, from March 1, 2017.Prior to this, the Institute established ‘Sejong-LS Fellowship’ inviting the high-profile...


  • Visit by Minister of Personnel Management Kim Dong-keuk

    2017.02.21 Tuesday View : 334

    On February 20, Minister of Personnel Management Kim Dong-keuk visited the Sejong Institute. After having a conversation with Chairman Park Joon-woo, President Jin Chang Soo, Vice President Yang Un-Chul, and Vice President for Education Program Lee Tai Hwan, Minister Kim listened to the briefing on the Institute’s research activit...


  • Special Lecture by Chairman Park Joon-woo

    2017.02.14 Tuesday View : 304

    On Monday, February 13, 2017, the Sejong Institute Chairman Park Joon-woo gave a lecture to  the 23rd National Strategy Training Program participants on the topic of “Recent Global Political Landscape and South Korea’s Options” at the main auditorium in the institute.​