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  • 24th National Strategy Training Program: Opening Ceremony

    2018.02.20 Tuesday View : 56

    ​ On February 20, 2018, the Sejong Institute held the opening ceremony of the 24th National Strategy Training Program at the institute.  Government officials, managerial-level officials from government investment agencies, and directorial staff at the corporations will be participating in the Program which runs fro...


  • Chairperson Baek Jong-chun Inauguration Ceremony

    2018.02.12 Monday View : 1,697

    On February 12, the Sejong Institute held the inauguration ceremony for Chairperson Baek Jong-chun. Chairperson Baek, the 13th Chairperson of the Sejong Foundation, is an expert in military and security affairs and foreign strategy and served as the president of the Sejong Institute, chief of Office of Unification, Foreign Affairs, and...


  • Chairperson Park Joon-woo Retirement Ceremony

    2018.02.09 Friday View : 103

    On February 9, the Sejong Institute held the retirement ceremony for Chairperson Park Joon-woo.


  • First Research Planning Meeting for 2018

    2018.01.26 Friday View : 1,549

    On Thursday, January 25, the Sejong Institute held the first Research Planning Meeting for this year at the institute. With all fellows and staffs present, the meeting dealt with the research orientation for this year, reform of training program, the management of ‘public relations and publications committee’ and research cent...


  • Beginning-of-Year Ceremony for 2018

    2018.01.02 Tuesday View : 152

    On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, the Sejong Institute held a beginning-of-year ceremony for 2018 with all staffs of the Sejong Institute.


  • End-of-Year Ceremony for 2017

    2017.12.22 Friday View : 151

    On Friday, December 22, 2017, the Sejong Institute held an end-of-year ceremony for 2017 with all staffs of the Sejong Institute.


  • 23rd National Strategy Training Program: President Jin Chang Soo Special Lecture

    2017.12.15 Friday View : 142

    On November 14, President Jin Chang Soo gave a special lecture to the trainees participating in the 23rd National Strategy Training Program.


  • Commencement Ceremony for 5th Sejong Academy for Young Leaders

    2017.11.13 Monday View : 140

    On Friday, November 10, the Sejong Institute held the commencement ceremony for the 5th Sejong Academy for Young Leaders. President Jin Chang Soo and Vice President of Education and Training Program Lee Tai Hwan attended the event. The participants introduced their papers and evaluated the three-month course. The institute awar...


  • Capacity Building Program for Timor-Leste Diplomats: Closing Ceremony

    2017.11.13 Monday View : 106

    On November 10, the Sejong Institute held the closing ceremony for the Capacity Building Program for Timor-Leste Diplomats which was carried out from October 29 to November 11 in cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Beginning as an effort to return the various aid that South Korea received in the...


  • 4th Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation 

    2017.11.10 Friday View : 129

    On November 9, the Sejong Institute held the 4th Thesis Competition on Korea-Japan-China Trilateral Cooperation with the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the host. The competition is to raise awareness of the trilateral cooperation as well as to gather original thoughts on the development of trilateral cooperation. The the...