Events and Activity

Events and Activity


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  • [ThinkTank Ranking] 100 Think Tanks Influencing the Future of South Korea

    2012.01.11 Wednesday View : 2,551

    On December 21, 2011, the Sejong Institute was ranked as the best private think tank in the field of Diplomacy and National Security in South Korea. The annual comprehensive ranking of South Korea's leading think tanks was conducted by an annual think tank ranking by Hankyung Business Daily. * Please note that the article below is i...


  • Opening Ceremony for 2012

    2012.01.03 Tuesday View : 1,456

    SUBJECT: Sejong Opening Ceremony for 2012 DATE: 2012-01-02 The Sejong Institute held its new year opening ceremony on January 2, 2012, in the main auditorium with Foundation Chairman Chul Hyun Kwon, Standing Board Member Woon Ha Lee, Auditor Sang Hoon Cho and Institute President Dae Sung Song, and all staff employees and research f...


  • Emergency Specialist Meeting

    2011.12.29 Thursday View : 1,458

    SUBJECT: The Future of Post Kim Jong-il North Korea Regime and Our Response DATE: 2011-12-26 LOCATION: Press Center, Seoul On December 26, 2011, the Sejong Institute held an Urgent Specialist Meeting titled "The Future of Post Kim Jong-il North Korea Regime and Our Response". The meeting began with the Sejong Foundation Chairman K...


  • Graduation Ceremony of the 17th Sejong National Strategy Training Program

    2011.12.05 Monday View : 1,524

    On December 2, 2011, the Graduation Ceremony of the 17th Sejong National Strategy Training Program was held in the main auditorium of the Sejong Institute.


  • The 2012 Research Planning Meeting

    2011.11.25 Friday View : 1,565

    Subject: Research Planning Meeting Date: 2011-11-24 Location: Small Conference Room, the Sejong Institute On November 24, 2011, the Sejong Institute held the 2012 Research Planning Meeting. The meeting was convened in the Small Conference Room and attended by Sejong Foundation Chairman Chul Hyun Kwon, President Daesung Song, and a...


  • Special Lecture by Chairman Chul Hyun Kwon

    2011.11.23 Wednesday View : 1,426

    On November 22, 2011, Chairman Chul Hyun Kwon gave a special lecture on the topic of "Ponder on Strategic Groundwork Diplomacy".


  • The 3rd Sejong-Koica Colloquium

    2011.11.21 Monday View : 1,439

    Subject: Global Governance and ODA On November 15, 2011, the Sejong Institute and Korea International Cooperation Agency co-hosted the 3rd Sejong-KOICA Colloquium at the Small Conference Room of the Sejong Institute. The colloquium was attended by the majority of researchers from both organizations and moderated by the Sejong Instit...


  • Special Lecture by President Daesung Song

    2011.11.21 Monday View : 1,430

    On November 18, 2011, President Daesung Song gave a special lecture on the topic of "The Genuine Position of Koreans of this Generation".


  • Inauguaration of Kwon Chul Hyun , Chairman of the Sejong Foundation

    2011.11.10 Thursday View : 1,474

    On November 8, 2011, the inauguration of the new Chairman of the Sejong Foundation, Kwon Chul Hyun, was held at the Grand Auditorium of the Sejong Institute. Chairman Kwon Chul Hyun was appointed as the Chairman of the Sejong Foundation by the 106th meeting of the Board of Trustees and will serve in the position from November 8, 20...

  • [HR] Chairman Kwon Chul Hyun: Notice of Appointment (2011.11.8)

    2011.11.09 Wednesday View : 2,200

    The 106th meeting of the Board of Trustees has concluded the appointment of H.E. Former Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Japan, Kwon Chul Hyun, to the position of Chairman of the Sejong Foundation.