Events and Activity

Events and Activity


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  • [Sabbatical] Miong-sei Kang, Senior Research Fellow: 2015.3.12~2016.3.11 (1 Year)  

    2015.02.27 Friday View : 915

    Senior Research Fellow Miong-sei Kang is away on a sabbatical from 2015.3.12~2016.3.11


  • Opening Ceremony for the 21th Term Sejong National Strategy Training Program 

    2015.02.13 Friday View : 1,030

    The Opening Ceremony for the 21th Term Sejong National Strategy Training Program was held on February 10, 2015, in the main auditorium of the Sejong Institute.


  • [HR] Chairman Joon Woo Park: Notice of Appointment (2015.02.10)

    2015.02.11 Wednesday View : 547

    The 121th meeting of the Board of Trustees has concluded the appointment of Joon Woo Park, Former State Minister for Political Affairs, Office of the President, to the position of Chairman of the Sejong Foundation.


  • Opening Ceremony for 2015

    2015.01.08 Thursday View : 1,105

    The Sejong Institute held its new year opening ceremony on January 5, 2015, in the main auditorium with Standing Board Member Woon Ha Lee, Auditor Sang Hoon Cho and Institute President Daesung Song, and all staff employees and research fellows.


  • Thesis Competition 

    2014.12.18 Thursday View : 1,051

    From November 27 to 28, 2014, the Sejong Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs successfully co-hosted a thesis competition on Korea-China-Japan Trilateral Cooperation and the Situation in Northeast Asia in order to promote interest of undergraduate and graduate students in Trilateral Cooperation and gather fresh ideas on the de...

  • Graduation Ceremony of the 20th Sejong National Strategy Training Program 

    2014.12.11 Thursday View : 1,073

    On December 10, 2013, the Graduation Ceremony of the 20th Sejong National Strategy Training Program was held in the main auditorium of the Sejong Institute.


  • Planning Meeting for 2015

    2014.10.24 Friday View : 1,128

    The Sejong Institute hold a planning meeting for 2015 on October 17, 2014. The meeting was moderated by Vice President Myon-woo Lee and participations including President Song. Participiants discussed about 2015 research projects and set a direction for the 2015 Sejong National Strategy training course and the revitalization of the ins...


  • The 31th Anniversary of the Rangoon Bombing

    2014.10.17 Friday View : 1,115

    On October 9, 2014, the 31th anniversary of the Rangoon Bombing, the Sejong Foundation held a memorial ceremony to commemorate South Korean diplomats who were killed at the 1983 Rangoon bombing in Myanmar. Executives and staff members of the Sejong Foundation and the Sejong Institute, including President Daesung Song and Vice President...


  • [Sabbatical] Un-Chul Yang, Senior Research Fellow: 2014.8.4~2015.2.3 ( Half Year) 

    2014.09.01 Monday View : 1,118

    Senior Research Fellow Un-Chul Yang is away on a sabbatical from 2014.8.4~2015.2.3


  • Unveiling of Memorial to Victims of the Rangoon Bombing   

    2014.06.10 Tuesday View : 1,185

    31 Years since the Rangoon Bombing – Unveiling of Memorial to Victims of the Rangoon Bombing On the Memorial day, June 6, a statute unveiling ceremony was held in Rangoon, Myanmar, to mark the establishment of a memorial for the victims of the Rangoon bombing in 1983. The ceremony was attended by the families of the victim...