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  • Special Lecture by President Daesung Song

    2011.11.21 Monday View : 1,211

    On November 18, 2011, President Daesung Song gave a special lecture on the topic of "The Genuine Position of Koreans of this Generation".


  • Inauguaration of Kwon Chul Hyun , Chairman of the Sejong Foundation

    2011.11.10 Thursday View : 1,261

    On November 8, 2011, the inauguration of the new Chairman of the Sejong Foundation, Kwon Chul Hyun, was held at the Grand Auditorium of the Sejong Institute. Chairman Kwon Chul Hyun was appointed as the Chairman of the Sejong Foundation by the 106th meeting of the Board of Trustees and will serve in the position from November 8, 20...

  • The Sejong National Strategy Training Program: Institutional Visit to RAND

    2011.10.24 Monday View : 1,306

    On September 26th, participants of the 2011 Sejong National Strategy Training Program took part in a special lecture at the RAND Corporation. The special lecture was organized by Robin Meili (RAND, Director of International Programs) and after a introduction of RAND, Dr. Bruce Bennett (Senior Defense Analyst) lectured on 'Response Meas...


  • The Sejong National Strategy Training Program: Institutional Visit to CEBRI

    2011.10.24 Monday View : 1,216

    On September 23rd, participants of the 2011 Sejong National Strategy Training Program took part in a special lecture on 'The Foreign Policy of Brazil' at the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI). The event was moderated by the Sejong Institute's Vice President Eunsook Chung. Representatives of CEBRI for the event inc...


  • The Sejong National Strategy Training Program: Institutional Visit to DIW Berlin

    2011.10.24 Monday View : 1,231

    On September 28th, participants of the 2011 Sejong National Strategy Training Program took part in a three part special lecture arranged by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). The subject for each panel was 'The Economic Lessons Learnt Through Unification' (Karl Brenke), 'The Pending Issues of Berlin's Economic Gro...


  • Special Lecture by Sejong Foundation Chairman Ro-Myung Gong

    2011.10.10 Monday View : 1,267

    On October 5th, Foundation Chairman Ro-Myung Gong gave a special lecture on the subject "The Survival Strategy of Middle Powers" at the main auditorium of the Sejong Institute.


  • Special Lecture by Dr. Song

    2011.04.08 Friday View : 876

    SUBJECT: Special Lecture by Dr. Song On April 7, 2011, Dr. Dae-sung Song, President of the Sejong Institute, gave a special lecture in the Sejong main auditorium on "North Korean Provocations and South Korea's Security Posture."


  • Sejong-KOICA Cooperation Agreement

    2011.03.17 Thursday View : 1,229

    SUBJECT: Sejong-KOICA Cooperation Agreement On March 16, 2011, the Sejong Institute and KOICA reached an agreement to maintain cooperation in the compatible field of foreign affairs and ODA. The signing ceremony was attended by President Dae-sung Song, Vice President Dae-woo Lee, and Research Fellow Sang-hwa Chung from the Sejong Ins...


  • Special Lecture by Ambassador Tuvia Israeli

    2011.03.02 Wednesday View : 881

    SUBJECT: Special Lecture by Ambassador Tuvia Israeli DATE: 2011-02-25 LOCATION: Main auditorium, Sejong Institute TOPIC: Peace and Security in Middle East GUEST SPEAKER: Tuvia Israeli His Excellency Tuvia Israeli, Israeli Ambassador to Korea, gave a special speech in the Sejong main auditorium on February 25, 2011, on "Peace ...


  • 2010 Office Closing Ceremony

    2011.01.04 Tuesday View : 1,211

    SUBJECT: 2010 Office Closing Ceremony DATE: 2010-12-30 The Sejong Institute held its 2010 office closing ceremony on December 30, 2010, in the main auditorium with President Dr. Dae-sung Song and all staff employees and research fellows.